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This is the coolest place! I can’t wait to come back
-D Llanes
I don’t want to leave!
-L. Sperling
I Brought my granddaughter Risa to Dr. Sheridan with some of the most crooked teeth I had ever seen. After about 3 or 4 weeks the transition was so dramatic. The entire jaw looked perfect. Risa was modeling & acting at the time and she looked just beautiful. Now my other granddaughter Carley is also coming to Dr. Sheridan. The results are just as dramatic. Her smile is just beautiful. We love coming to Dr. Sheridan. The office is so beautiful. The Perks are great, who ever heard of cookies at an Orthodontist office. I wish other doctors and dentist would also be so creative. The people working for Dr. Sheridan are so sweet. The girls just love going there. We rate him #1 in our Book.
-S. Anasky
I’d like to say what a terrific job Dr. Bob did with my granddaughter Brittany Cornelious. Her before and after pictures were truly amazing. Im very happy that Brittany can smile and look good doing it. Thank you Dr. Bob
-Linda Smalling
Dr.Sheridan has a very friendly staff, and an excellent personality. His assisant jennifer was very gentle. I thought it was cool that their office smelt like freshly baked cookies, and then they offered them for free 😀 They have video games and the xbox that kept my siblings entertained while i was being seen. its a very comfortable and clean office!
Before my teeth were messed up. There really is a big difference from my pictures before putting on braces. Even my face is better.
-Carley Roush
What a great experience! Dr. Sheridan and staff were very pleasant and made the appointment enjoyable.
This is my 2nd set of braces. Went to a very known company before (take a guess everyone) & their services were not pleasent & much more $$. Dr. Sheridan explained everything to me. My kids got to play arcade games & xbox while they waited for me…otherwise I know they’d be running around bothering everyone else! Great experience & got an appointment that week! (never happened before)

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